Buy Happy Marketing is an emerging company in teleshopping and online trading. It is registered at Registrar of Companies, Chennai. Incorporated on 6th December 2017, within a very short time span, this company has become a leading and strong brand in telesales industry. Its vision is to serve the customers with 100% satisfaction. It is headed by Mr. Chidambaram Radhakrishnan, a prominent business man and film actor hailing from Tamil Nadu. He is a well-known for his business expertise, public speaking skills and moral values.

Buy Happy has introduced many innovative, unique and useful products such as cosmetics, electronics, health care, etc. VIP Hair Colour Shampoo is the most popular product of the company. It is the World’s first and only hair colour solution that offers 5 in 1 use. No other hair colour in the world enables hair coloring without gloves, leaving no stains on skin. Within just 1 year, this GMP and ISO certified product has captured lakhs of customers’ attention and trust. VIP is giving a really tough competition to other brands in the industry. Famous Indian actor Mr. Vivek Oberoi is the brand ambassador of the product


Buy Happy has introduced another product to Indian market, Eye Care Therapy, a method of eye exercise, that has captured attention of many. It is a helpful tool to improve one’s eye health naturally.

Similarly, Buy Happy sells various health care, hair care and electronic products. All of its products have been chosen for sales only after extensive research and studies. Those choices are unique, highly innovative and capable to occupy a niche in the market. They have many more attractive and useful products set ready for launch. The Chairman of the company Mr. RKay personally involves in choosing products for Buy Happy sales.

As telesales is one of the major marketing and sales channel of Buy Happy, its call center operations are backed by strong media support and their advertisements are being telecasted in various TV channels across India.

Buy Happy runs a call center which comprises more than 300 employees, which works as it’s telesales hub and after sales support center for its customers. This center plays a major role in the success of the company. It is efficiently managed and run by many BPO/ ITES experts. They act as true mentors and guide them towards the path of success. Equipped with latest technologies, Buy Happy creates great comfort level to employees and in turn their satisfaction.

Awards and Recognition

Buy Happy is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company which is a symbol of its quality and standards.

The New Step

VIMAC is the research and manufacturing unit of Buy Happy which is of international standard and its strong research and development team has developed innovative products that directly satisfy customer needs.

Headquartered in Chennai, Buy Happy has many branches in India and abroad. The company is very strong in FMCG marketing also. The company also maintains business relationships with many other companies in India and overseas.

BuyHappy is eyeing to widen its operations to European countries, and to explore variety of consumer products that make customers happy, makes their lives easier and healthier and that caters to their passion.

Mr. RKay’s team is all set to grow up and conquer the heights in business.